Making stuff out of stuff

Snowing iniative

We are setting up our Christmas displays in the gallery and desperately trying to pull off the festive but not naff vibe.

I have tiny reindeer, snowy fir trees and "just add water" snow to add to the hand finished cherry wood bases that my cousin in law made for me. I love choosing all the accessories just as much as making stuff. But it is quite tricky for me not to get carried away. And I have to water the snow as it rather realistically melts!

Snowy display

Every two months on a monday when the gallery is closed the hanging team sneak in to freshen up the walls. The 3D artists, glass, ceramics, jewellery are more feral, popping in and out. I have filled up my cabinet with even more enamel rings.. We have a first thursday event every month with bubbles, which often double up as a PV for guest artists or new members of the collective. And oddly enough and completely by coincidence my neighbour, ceramacist Tim was approached by the gallery whilst we were exhibiting next to each other during the South East Open Studios So the last one was for him.

I am really looking forward to our big festive weekend on November 25th and 26th, which ties in with the Tonbridge festival and some fireworks. Lots of us will be in the gallery all weekend serving mulled wine and milling with our lovely customers. And of course a bit of festive nosh, the obligatory mince pie! I love these events. We had a first birthday party in July and the gallery was buzzing.

Is it still too early to be getting festive?! X