Who am I?


I started to make jewellery because of my love of buying rings. I commissioned a local jeweller to make one for my mother's 60th Birthday and then started to wonder if I could make some myself. I then took about 3 years worth of classes at the Adult Education learning how to bend, mold and melt silver to my will.

I have always doodled which I think inspires some of my work victoriawainwright.com where I still illustrate. A lot of my ideas just come to me as and when, driving down the motorway, having a restorative nap or just feeling inspired whilst making something else. Mainly in those down time moments in between my teaching art at Adult Education, a great place to learn.

I try to be original so that everyone has something unique to them so I absolutely love a commission.

All my work over the required weight is hallmarked at the London Assay Office with my VW mark and will arrive in my eco friendly viksilver box lovingly wrapped with a satin ribbon.

You can find out more information here

I buy my silver from Cookson Gold who provide ethically sourced recycled silver.

My boxes are recycled from The Tiny Box Company and my recycled satin ribbon is from Bertie’s Bows

Give me a shout if you would like something silvery to brighten up your life.

Cheers Victoria x