Who am I?


I started to make jewellery because of my love of buying rings. I commissioned a local jeweller to make one for my mother's 60th Birthday and then started to wonder if I could make some myself. I then took about 3 years worth of classes at the Adult Education learning how to bend, mold and melt silver to my will.

I have always doodled which I think inspires some of my work victoriawainwright.com where I still illustrate. A lot of my ideas just come to me as and when, driving down the motorway, having a restorative nap or just feeling inspired whilst making something else. Mainly in those down time moments in between my teaching art at Adult Education, a great place to learn.

I try to be original so that everyone has something unique to them so I absolutely love a commission.

I am heavily involved in the South East Open Studios a fabulous event with lots of different artists and makers across Kent and East Sussex. I open up every June with a printmaker and ceramicist a few doors down.

Give me a shout if you would like something silvery to brighten up your life.

Cheers Victoria x